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How Bad Does It Hurt?!?!

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

One of the main reasons people are hesitant to get their tattoo(s) removed is because they are afraid they aren’t going to be able to handle the discomfort that comes with laser tattoo removal.  If anyone tells you that there isn’t going to be any pain…. It’s a lie. The truth is you are going to feel some discomfort, but nothing as bad as you are led on to believe. I can tell you this as someone who has had over 10 tattoos removed!

The technology of the lasers used has improved greatly in their ability to reduce the amount of discomfort you feel, and the amount of time it takes to complete your session.  A tattoo the size of your palm can be completed in under a minute!

You should apply a numbing cream 15 minutes prior to your session.  This will be of great help alleviating pain. A jar can be purchased for $25 dollars and most likely will last for the duration of your removal process.  Possibly the greatest aid in alleviating discomfort is the Zimmer Cryo. -30-degree freezing air is constantly blown on the area which is being worked on.  It’s also all natural approach. You may even feel the cold more than the laser itself!

Now the question everyone wants the answer to..  What does it feel like? This isn’t the easiest question to delineate.  The best way I could describe the feeling of having your tattoo removed is being snapped with a rubber-band.   It doesn’t feel good… but it is bearable. It is also dependent on what area of the body you are having worked on.  For example; you will feel more discomfort having a tattoo removed on your neck than your bicep.

How do I personally deal with the discomfort?  I believe the greatest trick is using your mind.  Before a session, I tell myself “if I can’t deal with a little discomfort for a few minutes I have bigger problems than getting a tattoo removed.”  This may be harsh, but I really find it to be true and it has done wonders for me.

Having my tattoos removed has changed my life for the positive in so many ways.  Please don’t let the fear of a little discomfort stop you from having a minor procedure that could change your life too.  

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