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Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Going in for tattoo removal can be scary. You may be wondering how bad it hurts if it really works, or what the process in-tells. Here’s a guide outlining what to expect:

A laser technician will look at your tattoo and ask you questions. The size, age, color, and your general health all play a role in the cost and treatment plan. It’s true what they say; getting a tattoo is like getting married (fun and exciting) while getting one removed is like divorce (scary and daunting)lol. Be sure to shop around and do your research on the types of lasers being used.

Most people need 5 to 7 sessions-six weeks apart for complete removal. The laser works with lightwaves to break up the ink. Then your body naturally expels the broken up ink particles. Prices range between $50 to $300 dollars per session.

Once you’ve decided to have the tattoo removed; you’ll be ready for your first session.

Picture going into a private treatment room, putting on protective glasses, and then the technician using the laser to send light waves directly to your tattoo. The sessions themselves are very fast. Most only taking 15 to 20 seconds. The tech will look for a loud snap and frosting(whitening) as a sign the session was a success. Most people say it hurts a bit more than a tattoo, but it’s quick. Some clinics use a freezing machine or cream to make things more comfortable.

After treatment, you’ll be bandaged up, and likely feel a bit of discomfort the first day with intermittent itching throughout the six weeks as your body goes to work. A small minority of people do blister so be sure to read the aftercare instructions. Things like staying out of the sun and standing water for the first few days are very important.

Once you begin to see the tattoo fade it will give you that push to keep moving forward, and once it’s gone it’s gone!

So whether you need a fading for a coverup or want a blank slate; laser tattoo removal is the most effective way to achieve those desired results.  There’s no other place to have your tattoo removed than Tatt Cemetery!

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