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Treatment Packages*

Tattoo Cemetery delivers superior full-spectrum results without killing your wallet. Our pricing is competitive, affordable, and customized for each patient and their unique tattoo. We believe the only thing that should be sent to the grave should be your unwanted ink!

We provide FREE consultations to assess your tattoo in person, determine a pricing quote based on the number of treatments you’ll need, and answer any questions to make sure you’re comfortable with the procedure before paying anything.

Our per treatment pricing is based on the size of the tattoo being treated and the number of treatments it will take to achieve your desired result. Virtually every patient needs multiple tattoos to target each layer of ink trapped in their skin. Our laser tattoo removal experts will use a variety of factors to best estimate the number of treatments your unique tattoo will need. We also provide treatment packages and special discounts to save you more!


Fort Myers Tattoo Laser Removal

*Prices may vary depending on age, intricacy, shape and other determining factors upon inspection of the tattoo.

  • Save 15% on a 3-treatment package

  • Save 20% on a 5-treatment package

*Payment plan options are available to fit any budget.

Discount for Military and Law Enforcement Personnel

We appreciate those serving and protecting our country. To show our appreciation, we offer 15% off all laser services provided (no limits on value!).

Discount for College Students

Are you a college student who made a mistake getting a tattoo?

For a limited time, we are offering our clients 10% off all services. If you are a student at Florida Gulf Coast University), or any other school, then take advantage of this online offer.

Discount for Healthcare Providers

If you work in the field of healthcare- (Doctor, Physician Assistant, Nurse, Medical Assistant, etc) and you have devoted your career to helping others, we consider you our colleague. We offer a 10% discount on the laser services that we provide.

Discount for Educators

To show our appreciation for teachers and educators, we are offering a 15% discount for all services provided at Tatt Cemetery.
*Certain restrictions apply. Please bring in your photo ID.

Discount for Tattoo artist and their clients

We now offer a discount to all tattoo artists and employees. Bring in your business card to receive 30% off your laser tattoo removal services. With your business card, your clients will receive 20% off a 3 session package to lighten the tattoo.

*Certain restrictions apply. Please bring in your photo ID.

*Certain Restrictions Apply. Please bring in your photo ID.

*Certain restrictions apply. Please bring documentation/photo ID/badge to receive a discount.

*Certain restrictions apply. Please bring an ID/Badge.

Lowest prices and discounts tattoo removal in Florida. Fastest removal time, with the most effective laser tattoo removal laser in the industry by Astanza.

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