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Zimmer Cryo

Cool Numbing Machine

Most patients say the procedure feels like a rubber band snapping against the skin while others say the laser feels a bit more painful but faster than getting a tattoo. Depending on your discomfort threshold, you’ll side with one of these two groups. Luckily, Tatt Cemetery offers a skin numbing solution that’s sure to provide maximum comfort and alleviate any discomfort linked to the laser tattoo removal.

Our Fort Myers clinic uses the cutting-edge Zimmer Cryo cooling device to completely numb your skin before, during, and after your treatment session. Other methods like ice packs, lidocaine shots, and numbing creams either wear off during treatment, are invasive, or take too long to kick in. Only the noninvasive Zimmer Cryo cooling device can provide immediate relief and also numb your skin during treatment.

The way it works is simple, the Cryo blows freezing cold air (-30ºC) out of a long hose directly aimed at your unwanted tattoo. Within a few seconds, you will feel a numbing sensation on your skin, then treatment will begin. Throughout the treatment, and even after, we will continue to direct the freezing cold air onto the treatment site, ensuring your skin stays numb and pain-free throughout your entire visit.

Schedule a free consultation at Tatt Cemetery today to experience the chilling thrill of our Zimmer Cryo.

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